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Physiotherapy in Aberdeen

First Assessment

The first assessment will take around 40 minute in which we will discuss your present condition and injury. These questions will investigate the development of the injury or problem, when it happened and how you are managing at the minute with tasks that you would have done prior to the injury. If you have any useful information such as anything particular you remember about an incident causing injury or any questions you may have, it is often useful to have these written down prior to consultation. You should also make a note of your current medication with dosages.

I will then undertake a full assessment whilst discussing what I am testing and what it could indicate (I may ask you to change into shorts for a lower limb issue).

I will also be able to answer any questions you may have and help to better explain why this issue has occurred.

Treatment: Your treatment will consist of a number of different investigative techniques which we will discuss prior to commencement and agree on a course of action to take. This may include exercises which I fully expect you undertake as requested, to gain the results that we both desire.

Physiotherapist AberdeenTreatment could consist of:

Following the first session we will discuss how many treatment sessions are likely to be required and how many visits will be required. As every person and condition is different the amount of treatment required can vary, but this will be discussed throughout the treatments and a plan agreed. Attendance at following sessions is entirely optional following the first session, and if Physiotherapy is not indicated, this will be discussed along with other options that you may wish to pursue.